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New Clubs Welcome

Any clubs in Ontario that would like to join the OBA are encouraged to call our office to inquire about the registration process. If we are not available please send us an email here.

We do not penalize or treat any club that comes to us from another source, as un-welcome. We allow pros & ams in the same club and expect our amateur boxers to remain with their original coach if they wish to go pro.

Call our President, Greg Post on 647 688 0676 for personal confirmation of your acceptance, you can be registered in as litle as one day. Cost is $605.00 per club & includes the primary coach. All boxers & coaches are $55.00 per calendar year, we welcome new clubs!


Ontario Boxing Association

The Ontario (Amateur) Boxing Association is an Ontario governing association for the sport of boxing.

The OBA members control the association, with their first priority being to safety. Many OBA clubs offer amateur & professional training & competition.

Prior experience in combat sports, must be declared in order to join the OBA & that includes, kick boxing, Muay Thai (aka Thai); MMA; Ju Jitsu; etc.

We will allow you to compete in boxing once you declare your prior experience.

Independant Boxers

The OBA insurance is an agreement with the boxing clubs registered to the OBA. The fee for boxers & coaches helps offset any expenses incurred by the OBA. The fee of $55.00 per year is to accept the boxer under the club to which they are registering. The OBA's insurance is with the boxing clubs & not with the boxers. The boxers are covered under their club's registration. If the club no longer registers, then the boxers are not insured under the OBA insurance.